New Keyboard!

I finally decided to buy myself a quality keyboard at home (and work). I guess this technically isn’t the first, but aside from the Razer keyboard that I had which died, I’ve had all pretty ‘meh’ keyboards over the years. Or at least they were ‘meh’ in terms of keystroke and key technology. Today I went […]

Delete Outlook Quick Steps

I recently ran into a problem with a Quick Step in Outlook which was causing Outlook to freeze when I was trying to run the Quick Step or even attempt to modify or add new Quick Steps. I had created a custom Quick Step in Outlook which would move selected messages to my Exchange Online […]

Finally Starting My Blog… Again

I’ve been swearing up and down that I was going to start blogging, and I’m going to give it the good ole’ college try… again. After spending my entire career gleaning the knowledge and assistance of other people through blogs, forums, and chat rooms, I decided that it was [way past due] time to start […]