Delete Outlook Quick Steps

I recently ran into a problem with a Quick Step in Outlook which was causing Outlook to freeze when I was trying to run the Quick Step or even attempt to modify or add new Quick Steps. I had created a custom Quick Step in Outlook which would move selected messages to my Exchange Online Archive. All was great and fine until one day when the Archive database was deleted without moving the online archives to the new archive database (don’t ask why this happened, that’s another post that I’ll be writing about sometime).

It took me a while to realize what had happened to cause this, but since I couldn’t modify Quick Steps, that also meant that I couldn’t delete them. After a few minutes of searching, I found a write up on how to Back Up and Restore quick steps so I figured that would be worth a look (check out the write-up from Sure enough, they directed me to download a handy tool called MFCMAPI which allows you to look at the IPM_SUBTREE which is where a bunch of hidden folders live which contain customizations such as the Quick Steps.

Download MFCMAPI from Codeplex:




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