Windows Sysprep 3-prep limit ‘hack’

Ever had to perform a sysprep on a machine more than 3 times? If you’ve worked with VMs, you’ve probably had trouble with this. Here’s a workaround that will let you sysprep windows more than 3 times by resetting the count of syspreps:

  • Boot to Recovery Mode and open command prompt and enter the following commands on command line:

reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM “%~dp0Windows\System32\config\system”

reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f

reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM

  • Reboot. Windows will say that it is not a genuine copy. Enter the KMS key from the following site and use the slmgr /ipk 489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3Y (Generic Windows 7 KMS Product Key)
  • Reset sysprep keys and reinstall the MSDTC service as follows:





After done with the registry, do the following :

  1. Start -> Run : msdtc -uninstall (wait few seconds)
  2. Start -> Run : msdtc -install (wait few seconds)
  3. Restart the machine
  4. Check the registry for the right registry keys values




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